Key markets 

The key markets where AEON operates are: Poland, Russia (and Commonwealth of Independent States ‑ CIS), Central Europe. AEON cooperates with companies in USA, Europe and China in buy and sell transactions.

AEON has been operating on the Russian and CIS markets through a partner company located in Russia, which resulted in gaining an extensive experience in building trade relations and transportation solutions with local partners.

Many years of experience in international trading, expertise on the international market of raw materials and chemicals, knowledge of trading proceedings, wide business relationships and, proven in practice, different forms of deliveries financing, including documentary operations (Letter of Credits and Banking Guarantees) constitute unquestionable assets of company AEON.

AEON has also experience and, developed in cooperation with Swiss banks, proven mechanisms of servicing companies of different jurisdictions.

AEON professional staff consists of qualified employees speaking English, Russian and Polish languages.

AEON owns office located in the center of Warsaw, the capital of the European state of Poland. Office finished in exclusive option with usable area of 196m2, with expansion possibility.